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Primrose Hill Community Woodland was the inspiration of local businessman Richard Cox who hit on the idea of a community woodland to mark the millennium

Primrose Wood is a valuable recreational resource to Bath and the surrounding area

Work started in 1997, and with land leased from a local landowner

Richard Cox raised sufficient funds to get the planting – of over 20,000 trees and shrubs of 45 varieties – underway in 2000. At the same time, solicitor Howard Burgess worked on setting up the charity which is responsible for the wood. Within a few years the costs of establishing the wood were paid and fund-raising to purchase the land got underway.

The trees, mostly native to Britain, or long established here, were chosen for their flowers, fruit and beautiful autumn colours. Since that time, further planting, thinning and coppicing has increased diversity and enhanced the woodland. Benches, a pond, paths, a collection box, interpretation boards and dog bins are all part of the Trust’s programme of development and improvement. A nature library provides a ready source of information about the wildlife and the trees.

In 2012, the charity became the proud owner of Primrose Hill Community Woodland. The purchase was funded almost entirely by donations from the public with the balance made up by a loan from HSBC. A few years later, with further very generous support from the public, the loan was paid off and the charity has been free of debt ever since.

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