Our 100 Club

Our 100 Club – a winner every month!

The Primrose Hill 100 Club is a local lottery to support Primrose Hill Community Woodland Trust. The 100 Club members enter into a monthly lottery draw with the chance of winning up to £100 each month. The actual prize money is 50% of the amount paid into the club each month.

Primrose Hill Woodland near Bath

How it works:
Each member should complete a standing order signing up for the lottery for £2 a month. Funds raised will go toward the maintenance and continuing development of the wood and support community initiatives engaging local schools and communities with the woodland.

You can find the application form by clicking the link below.  By joining the 100 club,  you have a chance of winning the prize money every month and you also donate a little to the woodland too, helping the ongoing maintenance !

Download the form here and return to info@primrosehillwoodland.com

Primrose Hill Community Woodland