The Woodland

Over 20,000 trees and shrubs

In January 2000 this 24 acre site was planted with over 20,000 trees
and shrubs. The site was protected with a deer fence and this has
created a haven for wildlife, especially, birds, small mammals, reptiles
and insects including many butterflies. Of the original 40 species of
plants and trees the ones that have thrived are shown in the map below
and others are listed here:

  • Crab Apple
  • Alder Buckthorn
  • Burnet Rose
  • Spindle
  • Norway Spruce
  • Staghorn Sumac
  • Field Rose
  • Cotoneaster
  • Scots Pine
  • Common Buckthorn
  • Guelder Rose
  • Dog Rose
  • European Larch
  • Common Dogwood
  • Honeysuckle
  • Holm Oak

Respect the wood

Don’t pick flowers, climb trees or leave dog poo on the paths

Enjoy the wood

Be careful of slippery surfaces, trip hazards and overhead branches

Protect the wood

Don’t drop litter, light fires or cycle

Make a lasting memory on our Memorial Wedge

This is a wonderful way to memorialise a family member, friend or even canine companion who spent time and enjoyed the woods. Have your donation help the woodland and in return have a plaque engraved and put onto the Primrose Hill Woodland wedge.

Support our community woodland

As a charity we rely on donations by the public – support our community woodland project

In particular, the Trustees acknowledge the help given by Bath and North East Somerset Council, HSBC Bank and Moger Solicitors.